Rarig Construction believes that nothing is more important to us than construction site safety. We treat each employee as if they are our family and that each employee’s safety comes first. All employees are required to participate in the safety program.

Rarig Construction maintains one of the best safety records in the construction industry with an EMR rating of .70. This low rating outperforms the industry average by 30% and allows Rarig Construction to self-perform work at a very competitive labor rate.

Our policy is that no job being performed is so important that time cannot be taken by all concerned to do the work the right way; the SAFE WAY. We take a teamwork approach to safety which includes not only our employees but subcontractors and project owners also. Some of the programs we offer in our commitment to safety are:

  • Injury & Illness Prevention Plan
  • Stairway and ladder training
  • Weekly safety tailgate meetings
  • Equipment training
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Fall Protection Training

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